Materials Handling

Over 20 percent of all reported industrial accidents are the result of materials handling activities. These accidents usually involve lifting. This statistic shows that both mechanized and automated materials handling equipment can play a key role in saving lives and preventing injuries.

On average, it is reported that industry moves about 50 tons of raw materials for every ton of finished product. Some industries move 180 tons for each ton of finished product. Unfortunately, with this kind of volume taking place, accidents can happen. Many accidents are preventable through the principles of safety utilized in all aspects of industry.

Ryan Engineering engineers have decades of industrial materials handling equipment design and management experience.




• Attachments • Conveyors  • Cranes
• Dock Equipment • Elevators • Forklifts 
• General Transportation • Hand Trucks • Hoists
• Lift Tables • Manual Handling • Personnel Lifts
• Robotics • Storage  


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